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Pairs 1.76 memory games
Description: 3D DirectX memory games for everybody. A fun memory game of finding the hidden pairs amongst spinning tiles. There are dozens of levels with thousands of combinations of shapes, colors and backgrounds. The image sets includes a voice over for each image in the form of a question and answer. Watch your children laugh when they get it wrong! The vocabulary for the images can be displayed in French, English, German and Spanish. A mouse lock facility means that you can leave your computer with small children to play and so long as they can't reach the keyboard, they won't be able to access any program other than 'Pairs'.

Pairs screenshot
Platform: WinXP Category: Games & Entertainment::Kids
Type: Shareware Cost: $5.00 US Size: 65060 K Released: 2006-06-19
Pairs download: http://www.downloadspin.com/download/31524/prssetupnodx.exe
Keywords: memory games, memory game, memory, game, concentration, pairs, DirectX, childrens software, kids software, language, learning, fun, educational

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