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linux for ps3 installer 2.0 2.0 linux for ps3 installer
Description: Linux for PS3 installer Features
Turn your PS3 into a multifunctional computer by installing Linux safely.
Run the emulator and install the Windows operating system and more.
Play 50% more file formats, never have an un-playable file again!
Use advanced movie players to play your downloaded movies.
Receive lifetime upgrades for free with the best features possible.
Play PC games and run PC applications with no hassle.
Overrides the new system firmware "update".
Install Yellow Dog Linux and Ubuntu Linux!

Installing Linux onto your PS3 can be tricky business and shouldn`t be done without the know-how. Using LinuxforPS3installer you will be able to install Linux safely and easily, without voiding your PS3`s warranty.

Simply download our LinuxforPS3installer product , then follow our easy instructions that we provide. You can choose exactly which version of Linux you want to install along with all their great features.

Another great feature about LinuxforPS3installer is the emulator feature. With this you can use Linux to install the Windows operating system. The possibilites with this are endless as you will be able to play PC games, run Windows applications and so much more.

Platform: Win95,Win98,Windows2000,WinXP Category: Games & Entertainment::Tools & Editors
Type: Freeware Cost: $0.00 US Size: 1340 K Released: 2010-05-25
linux for ps3 installer 2.0 download: http://www.downloadspin.com/download/213705/linux for ps3 installer_v2.0.exe
Keywords: Linux for PS3 installer, linux, PS3

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