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Radius Manager 4.6.0 DMA Softlab LLC
Description: Radius Manager is an easy to use administration and billing solution for Mikrotik, Cisco, StarOS, ChilliSpot, pfSense NAS and various CMTS devices. It can be used in wireless, dialup and DOCSIS cable systems. Radius Manager supports Byte and time capping, bandwidth shaping, prepaid and postpaid accounts. Automatic disconnection feature for expired accounts with all supported NAS types. It supports Unix account synchronization to synchronize the email accounts with the RADIUS database. A separate control panel is available for administrators and regular users. Includes an integrated prepaid card generator. Billing module generates invoices for both postpaid and prepaid users. PayPal, Authorize.net, DPS, Netcash online payment gateways are supported. TCP/UDP connection logger module is available in CTS version.

Radius Manager screenshot
Platform: Linux,Linux Console,Unix Category: Communications::Dial Up & Connection Tools
Type: Commercial Cost: $99.00 US Size: 488 K Released: 2022-05-20
Radius Manager download: https://www.downloadspin.com/download/86608/radman.zip
Keywords: radius, docsis, mikrotik, cisco, staros, chillispot, dialup, billing, web, frontend, hotspot, wlan, software, admin, user, management, accounting, wireless, gui, interface, router, voucher, scratch, card, Paypal, credit

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