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Relay Timer R2X 2.5.1 Serial Port Tool
Description: Relay Timer R2X is programmable timer software to control and set timing features of the relay.Control 2-channel of relay boards of National Control Devices (NCD), Robot Electronics, and Velleman.Support Serial Port/USB and Network connection. Detect and show connection status of relay board continuously.Remind after disconnection and recover after reconnection automatically.Turn on/off relay manually with separate control panel for each relay.Turn on/off automatically according to schedule setting. Turn on/off all relays at the same time.Update and display the current status of relay simultaneously. Support multiple schedule setting and powerful setting with recurrence options. Automatically switch to auto control mode after specified time or at fixed time. Be capable of setting to auto run after login Windows.Allow to control relays from other computers remotely. Launch by command line with specified configuration or schedule setting file. Schedule setting can be saved for later loading. Status of all relays can be saved for later loading.

Relay Timer R2X screenshot
Platform: Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Other Category: Desktop::Clocks & Alarms
Type: Shareware Cost: $79.00 US Size: 4518 K Released: 2016-08-05
Relay Timer R2X download: https://www.downloadspin.com/download/227302/RelayTimerR2X.zip
Keywords: relay timer, relay control timer, programmable timer, timer, software, electrical timer, programmable, NCD, Robot Electronics, Vellemam

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