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Delphi 11.1.5
Delphi is Windows and multi-platform development software.
Free to try, 1599.00$ to buy
157363 KB
FlexGraphics Library 1.82
FlexGraphics - a vector graphics library for Borland Delphi (CAD, GIS, SCADA)
Free to try, 299.00$ to buy
1398 KB
PostgresDAC 3.11
PostgreSQL BDE replacement for Borland Delphi/C++Builder.
Free to try, 134.95$ to buy
47294 KB
Code Line Counter Pro - Delphi Version 7.3
an easy-to-use application for counting source code, blanks and comments lines.
Free to try, 59.95$ to buy
3985 KB
AudioLab VCL 8.0
Delphi/C++ Builder VCL/FMX components for fast audio capture and processing.
Free to try, 559.00$ to buy
2009355 KB
PlotLab VCL 8.0
Delphi/C++ Builder VCL/FMX components library for very fast Data Visualization.
Free to try, 289.00$ to buy
1700941 KB
SignalLab VCL 8.0
VCL/FireMonkey(FMX) fast, easy Digital Signal Processing(DSP) components.
Free to try, 499.00$ to buy
1836884 KB
VisionLab VCL 8.0
Delphi/C++ Builder VCL/FMX Advanced Computer Vision Library.
Free to try, 659.00$ to buy
1975784 KB
.Net Native Interface Library for Pascal
Best library to work with .Net assemblies from Pascal.
Free to try, 49.99$ to buy
10726 KB
.Net DLL/WSDL Importer for Delphi
This tool is used for importing .Net DLL/WSDL into Delphi.
Free to try, 399.99$ to buy
8922 KB

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